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We Are A Certified Civil
Engineering Contruction Company

We pride ourselves in the act of delivering value and quality services to our clients using modern construction methodology
We are a foremost construction company with the desire that every groundbreaking is a testament to our expertise

Why Chose Us

Providing the highest-quanlity services in the industry with unmatched levels of competence
and commitment from a team of technically qualified and experienced professionals

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be a foremost civil engineering firm in Nigeria, with a reach that spans the whole of Africa and beyond.

Our Services

Our team has the capacity to deliver projects for individual, commercial, and public clients. Every project we work on is a collaborative effort, and as a part of your team, we take on a significant amount of responsibility to ensure that the final design is within your budget and meets all your quality and function criteria.

What We Can Do For You

• Private Residential Buildings
• Real Estate Development
• Roads and Drainages

• Wastewater and Irrigation systems
• Landscaping and Town planning
• Geoinformatics Surveys

• Geotechnical and Groundwork Services
• Consultancy Services

About Our Company

Threshold Engineering Limited is a civil engineering firm that was founded with the objective of providing clients with unparalleled, cost-effective, and quality construction services. What distinguishes Threshold Engineering Limited from its competitors is the exceptional professionalism we maintain even in the most difficult conditions, such as providing time-effective technical solutions based on a thorough assessment of the project deliverables, the project site, and its surroundings. Threshold Engineering Limited values client satisfaction and knows how to best achieve it. Our commitment to delivering excellent service on time and on budget is a fundamental goal of the organisation, and to achieve these goals, we continually prioritise health, safety, and the environment. We will not be pleased with the status quo. We are always improving our company structure by exploring ways to manage our most significant assets—our employees—more effectively and efficiently, by implementing the latest technological breakthroughs, and by incorporating cutting-edge construction methods and full adoption of the lean six-sigma strategy throughout the project delivery pipeline, from inception to completion, to reduce the average construction time of your projects.

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